On the LSD

On my bike again.  Click for bigger.

Well, not quite. This picture is on my way home from biking the Lake Shore Drive. It was wet and rainy until they kicked us off the road, at which point the sun immediately emerged and the clouds completely cleared from the sky. I got two flats, as well. (The first was from a shard of glass, which I fixed with the spare I brought along. I went to the bike-fixing-station to get it pumped up, and the guy there promptly broke the valve.) Even so, it was great to get back on the bike and just cruise without interruption.

And yes, I am missing a tooth.

They extracted it on Wednesday, and my dentist bonded a temporary to the (fake) one next to it. It fell out that night while I was sleeping. (To my dismay, the tooth fairy did not come. She needs to realize that the kiddies don’t need money for losing teeth — they make their own new ones, for free.) So, I headed back in the next day to get it re-attached. This time she bonded it in the front, too. It wasn’t as pretty, but it sure looked sturdier. Of course, with the first bite of food, it fell out. So, I just gave up. If I were to have her try and bond it more securely, she’d either have to interfere with my bite or bond to my real tooth on the other side. Neither of which really make me all that excited.

I’m getting a less temporary ‘flipper’ on Thursday (it’s like a retainer with a tooth attached to it). That will last me for a few months until the bone screw that replaced the extracted tooth is stable enough to attach a permanent implant to it. But, yes, until Thursday, just call me Billy Bob.

(Also, for the observant: that does not make yet a third tooth. It was from the right side of my mouth that I lost teeth; the previous pictures are reversed. My cell phone strangely does that, and I didn’t pick up on it until a few days after I posted the images — they looked normal to me. I corrected this one, though, since I really wasn’t on the wrong side of the street and the text looked a little funny otherwise.)

Posted by Matt on Tuesday, May 29, 2007