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Adding an OptiBay to my MacBook Pro

Well, I finally decided to risk voiding my warranty for the luxury of double the disk space. I have a 160GB hard drive installed in my MacBook, but I’m constantly squeezed for space. I never use my internal CD drive (the last time was over two months ago… and it was actually my house-mate that needed it), so the thought of occasionally using an external CD drive is much more pleasant than lugging an external HD around all the time.

MCE Technologies sells a decent-looking package called OptiBay for a little too much money that takes the internal optical drive and replaces it with a Hard Drive. You can do it on most any Mac laptop. I searched around online quite a bit for reviews and experiences, but it seems as though nobody has done a formal review. So, I figured I’d photograph and document my experience as I went.

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Posted by Matt on May 26, 2007

New Site

Well, I finally got my act together and put together a website. I have a chronic problem of half-completing projects and then just leaving them languishing. I’m particularly bad with domain names — I get an idea for a site and snatch up some witty and apropos domain names… only to never fully develop the idea into a working site. Part of my problem is that I keep making my plans more and more intricate until it simply becomes impossible for my limited skill-set.

The impetus for this site is three-fold (and it therefore will have three sections once completed)...

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Posted by Matt on May 12, 2007