This is my site. I started it for a myriad of reasons, including
  1. Sharing photos (gallery — is still a work in progress)
  2. Blogging about stuff that happens to me (my life)
  3. Filling in some of the gaps in the internet — adding information about stuff that I couldn’t find online. (geeky stuff)

Plus, it gives me an excuse to write… which I don’t do all too often otherwise. (See that first post for more details.)

Why not Facebook/Xanga/MySpace/(other social site)? The biggest reason is that I like having personal control over my photos and information. Secondly, there are people who would like to read my stories that can’t access some of the above… and all of them but Facebook are absolute tragedies of web standards and design. While the “privacy” options of the sites feel cozy, they really aren’t that private. (I actually prefer not having that false sense of security — I’m more conscious of what I say. I’m sure savvy employers/interviewers/who-ever can find their way into the profiles on Facebook and such.) Finally, some of the stuff (see point three above) is specifically written with the internet-at-large and search engines in mind.

Feel free to contact me at .